10 Reasons to Book Richard & Andrea

About Richard & Andrea…

Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz launched their training company together almost twenty years ago. In 2007, they incorporated their company Courage Crafters, Inc. and became focused on teaching one specific message: Go for No! Since then, they have become nationally-recognized speakers and trainers and best known for helping people overcome fears of failure and rejection using their strategies. Their best-selling book, Go for No! now has 500,000 copies in print and their client list that reads like the Who’s Who of Business.

10 Reasons to Book Richard & Andrea

1) Life-Changing Message.

Go for No! is a life-changing message that will have your audience raving not just for weeks or months – for years afterward. Once they are shown a new way to think about failure and rejection, they will never be the same again because this is a totally new paradigm and unique mindset shift… one that most people desperately need to learn. And when they do learn it, they feel more empowered and excited than ever before to improve results, grow their business, and reach their goals and dreams. 

2) Consummate Professionals on Stage.

Veterans of 700+ keynote presentations and workshops, Richard & Andrea are consummate professionals having spoken to groups ranging in size from 10 to over 7,000. They pride themselves on being “low maintenance” and wildly easy to work with because of their vast speaking experience.


Most speakers are too scared to talk about ROI – but not Rich & Andrea. Because Go for No!® delivers results unlike virtually any other program you’ve ever seen.

4) Unique “Two People On Stage” Delivery.

Their out-of-the-ordinary, two-person-on-stage program is different, engaging, and interactive. They go back and forth in a “vignette” style and people love it!

5) Your Audience Will Laugh (and Maybe Even Cry).

Richard & Andrea’s humorous anecdotes, powerful examples, and compelling stories will have your people laughing… and maybe even crying a bit.

6) 500,000 Copies of Go for No! Sold!

With the average business book selling fewer than 5,000 copies, their book is a huge hit with a cult-like following of raving fans. Go for No! hit #1 on Amazon’s Sales & Selling list in 2010 and has remained near the top sales books on Amazon ever since, receiving over 2500 5-star reviews.

7) Easy to Work With.

Rich & Andrea know you are busy creating a great event and require no “handling” whatsoever. They are NOT divas! In short, not only will they make you look good for hiring them… you will love working with them.

8) Every Program Tailored for Your Audience.

Rich & Andrea understand that no two audiences are alike and most organizations by the nature of their business have to approach going for no in a slightly different way. That’s why each program they deliver is automatically tailored to fit the needs of that group.

9) Follow-Up Automatically Included in Fee.

One of the ways Rich & Andrea ensure the Go for No!® message lives on after the program is to include a 60-90 day “follow up” call with your team as part of their fee.

10) They Are Top Performers Who “Walk-the-Talk.”

Some speakers get on stage and simply regurgitate cliché quotes and stuff they’ve only read about but never done. Richard & Andrea are top performers who walk-the-talk and practice what they preach, using the strategies and techniques they teach on a daily basis.


Next steps: If you’re interested in hiring Richard and Andrea to peak please email info@goforno.com with your event date(s) and details and we will get back to you right away. Prefer to call? 800-290-5028. Interested in learning even more about Richard and Andrea? Visit their About Us page here.


Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz

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