Richard & Andrea's Faqs

What topics do Richard & Andrea speak on?

We have a singular mission: teaching your audience to blast through the wall of failure and rejection. So, unlike some speakers with multiple topics, we deliver just one, our signature presentation, “Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There”… appropriate for any audience that must deal with hearing “NO” in order to get to yes!
This means B2B sellers, B2C companies and retailers, entrepreneurs, franchises, independent business owners, fundraisers, and any other customer-facing organization.

(We also offer a special leadership program called the Go for No! Leader)

I need a description and what to say to ‘sell’ this to others! 

We get it. So, start by explaining that the elephant in the room is often fear of rejection and with the tough times ahead, this issue should be faced with courage by enlightened leaders like yourselves.

Then say this: “In their keynote, Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There,” authors of the best-selling book Go for No!, Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz discuss how to reduce feelings of rejection associated with being told “no” and how to re-evaluate long-held beliefs about failure and success. They share the new model for successfully failing in today’s world, and how applying this model will positively impact your emotions and your results. Using unique anecdotes, enlightening stories, and their popular ‘Go for No!’ game, Richard and Andrea will explore how you can increase opportunities while you reduce stress around the pressure to succeed. In rapid time, Richard and Andrea will have everyone more inspired than ever to break through self-imposed limitations to achieve their business and personal goals and dreams. Should I call them or should you?”

Do they always speak together?

It depends on your event. At present, Andrea does almost all of the virtual speaking engagements. (It works best this way.) For in person, we speak together. And don’t worry… we don’t charge double because there are two of us. Audiences love the two-person style of our presentations.    

What are their fees?

We like to think of our fee as an investment in the abilities and results of your attendees. That said, here’s a little insight into speaking fees. Celebrity speakers typically charge $50,000 and up for one hour. Business speakers with a NY Times long-running best-selling book are around $30,000+. Most professional speakers with a best-selling book on Amazon like ours, who have been speaking for many years to Fortune 1000 companies as we have, charge between $10,000-$20,000. This is our range.

We want to understand more about your event such as what type of program you are looking for, the number of people in the audience, day/dates, and the location of the event. These are the questions we will ask you that can influence the fee. Virtual engagements do lower the cost, as well. Please call or email to inquire. 

How do they handle travel arrangements?

Travel arrangements are made by us/our assistant. Because our itinerary often requires changes based on other engagements, flights cannot always be arranged far in advance.  For hotel room reservations, we ask that clients reserve a king, non-smoking room in the hotel where the event is taking place (note: in case you didn’t already know, we are married) and to have the room billed to your master account, with confirmation sent to our office. We offer a flat travel fee to make budgeting and billing easier for us all.

Do they offer products at our event?

We like to offer ways for people to learn more about implementing ‘go for no’ when we speak but we will NOT be pitching products from the stage at your event. We can discuss this in advance and do a book signing if you would like. 

What process does Richard & Andrea use to tailor their material?

We will conduct a conference call with you 3-4 weeks in advance to determine your specific needs and tailor the program to your group.

Can I see them on stage before I hire them?

Virtually all of our programs are private corporate sales conferences and events (we don’t do many “public” events) which makes it difficult to see us live. Our video can be viewed at:  

Why should I hire Richard & Andrea, especially when I can get someone else cheaper?

Anyone can get in front of an audience and tell a heartwarming story. No other speakers deliver on how to handle failure and rejection to succeed like we do. If we may be so bold, the old axiom “You get what you pay for” is true… and it’s DOUBLE TRUE when it comes to hiring a speaker for your conference.  Are there other speakers who charge less? Of course. But buyer beware.  We’ve been in the professional speaking industry for many years and have a proven track record of delivering a masterful program… one that gets results. Quite simply, you won’t find anyone more invested in helping you achieve your goals.

Why should we hire a speaker from the “outside” when we can get someone from the “inside” to speak for free?

From our perspective, ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ should not be an either/or question. You should do both. There is NO REPLACEMENT for having someone from the ‘outside’ (especially experts on a topic critical to your organization’s success) deliver a fun, informative and motivating talk as the centerpiece of your event.  

How can I find out if Richard & Andrea are available on my date?

Call our office at: 800-290-5028.  Or email us at:


Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz

Authors of the best-selling book, Go for No!

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